No one week will ever look the same. Catch a glimpse of how your time will be spent.

70% of your time is spent in your ministry

The majority of your time as an intern will be spent in your assigned department. You will have the opportunity to complete departmental assignments and projects while gaining ministry experience.

30% of your time is spent in the internship program

You will participate in various weekly activities and assignments such as seminars, workshops, and mentoring sessions. These are designed to build you as a Christ follower and leader.


REVO Church is located in the Winston-Salem area. If housing is an issue, host homes may be able to be arranged.


You will receive a weekly stipend as part of the internship program.


The REVO Internship is open to rising high school seniors through rising undergraduate seniors.


Due to the nature of the REVO Internship, we ask that applicants not work an additional job while in the program. Exceptions can be discussed with the program director.

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